"By the People Lobby Days" are another way that the ACLU of Georgia tries to simultaneously engage the community while having a postive influence on the policy process. On these days, the ACLU of Georgia teams up with other organizations; such as Georgia Rural Urban Summit (GRUS) to help you meet and talk with your legislators. Each week these groups will team up to provide you with the tools you need to hold lawmakers accountable on issues, ranging from reproductive rights to the separation of church and state to consumer issues.

This program is key to our work because we feel that a face to face meeting is the most effective way to communicate with the legislators. In addition, it allows us to incorporate our members into our work and further educates legislators on our positions on issues. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! Whether you are an experienced advocate or brand new to the legislative process, this program can help make your visits easy and effective. Come down to the Capitol and meet your legislators.

Join us at the Capitol any Wednesday morning when the legislature is in session at 9:00 am at the Coverdell Legislative Office Building:

Coverdell Legislative Office Building (CLOB)
Room 328 (may change), 18 Capitol Sq SW, Atlanta, GA 30334

At each Wednesday session, we will teach you how to talk to legislators, tell you about the issues that are hot, explain why we care about the issues, and guide you on how you can best help to pass or stop legislation. We will even walk you over to the Capitol, give you a tour, and assist you as you meet with your senators and representatives.

For directions, click here.

By the People 2016 Schedule (TBD)

1/20 - Voting Rights

1/27 - RFRA

2/3 - Reproductive Rights

2/10 - Recap day/Meet your Representative (Rm 318)

2/17 - Immigration (Rm 318)

2/24 - Reproductive Rights II (Rm 328)

3/2 - Marijuana Legislation (Room 310)

3/9 - Criminal Justice

3/16 - Wrap-up

Other Resources

If you are interested in contacting your legislators (through writing or face to face) without the ACLU of Georgia's direct involvement, here are some resources to guide your efforts:

The Georgia General Assembly

Watch Live Broadcasts

Tips for writing to your elected officials

Tips for meeting with your elected officials

Also, if you are unfamiliar with legislative procedures, make sure to refresh your memory of how a bill becomes a law.

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