Scout’s Honor: Young Advocates learn about their Civil Liberties

The ACLU Foundation of Georgia joined the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers in the Georgia State Bar building to help Georgia Girls Scouts learn about being Junior Advocates. While the Girl Scout Juniors worked on requirements to earn the Inside Government Badge they learned about how law is relevant to their every day Civil Liberties. After briefly introducing the Girls Scouts to the mission and goals of the ACLU, Law Clerks and Fellow Ese Okuma presented on Student’s Rights in Schools. The presentation began with students learning about some of the issues with School Dress Code policies. Student’s discussed the meaning of Symbolic Speech through illustrations of popular music artists like Lady Gaga, and applied the 1st and 14th amendment to determine what restrictions on dress code may or may not be protected by the constitution.

ACLU of Georgia Holds Girl Scout Event

The Georgia Association of Women Lawyers invited a panel of ACLU law clerks to present at the Girl Scout “Law and Order Day.” The panel discussed legal issues concerning privacy and technology in school including e-mail, text messaging, and social media. The consequences of teen sexing, such as criminal prosecution for child pornography, were also explained. After answering the Girls Scouts questions about each issue, the law clerks distributed a pamphlet summarizing the presentation.

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