The ACLU, due to its long history and willingness to litigate, is commonly seen as an organization with a focus on the court room. And while that is partly true, this view does not do justice the numerous other objectives that the ACLU sets out to accomplish. All across the United States (and into Puerto Rico), ACLU state affiliates focus time and energy on local problems, and in many cases seek use methods other than straightforward litigation. Examples of these methods include working with legislators, educating the public, and advocating outside the courtroom.

Here in Georgia, the ACLU of Georgia is no exception. In addition to the legal services that we provide, we also have several projects ongoing to address realities that require change if we are to truly advance the cause of civil liberties. Our purpose and mission is larger than simply litigating court cases and we believe that our diverse array of work reflects this.

Our Impact


Our impact in the courtroom has generated:

Legislative Advocacy

This past legislative session, the ACLU of Georgia provided:

Public Education and Community Organizing

Litigation and legislative advocacy are not the only ways to achieve an impact in the community. Our public education and outreach programs have accomplished:

Annual Report

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