ACLU of Georgia Strategic Plan 2020-2023

In 2020, the ACLU celebrated 100 years defending liberty and rights for all. The ACLU of Georgia stands in that tradition with over 60 years of service to the people of Georgia. The ACLU is a historic organization, resolute in its pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

This strategic plan begins with our cornerstone issue — Voter Rights and Political Participation. We believe this is foundational to our ability to advance our other priorities and ultimately fulfill the vision and mission of the ACLU of Georgia.

Georgia is at a crossroads. As we strive to become a state that values all civil liberties and rights, this plan will guide us and focus our priorities, enabling us to build capacity and ensure sustainability, and remain nimble and responsive to unforeseen challenges as well as explore new opportunities. Through this aspirational plan, we will strengthen our core values and continue to be at the forefront of ensuring civil liberties and rights for all Georgians.

One-Page Brochure
The ACLU of Georgia Strategic Plan 2020-2023