In October 2010, the Georgia Board of Regents put into place a policy banning access to undocumented students to the 5 most selective institutions of public higher education in Georgia. The ACLU of Georgia submitted a letter to the Board of Regents before the policy went into effect, outlining reasons against it; namely that it was not required by federal law as well as economically short-shighted. After the policy was voted on, the ACLU of Georgia monitored implementation of the policy during the first six months. Our investigation showed that the policy was being widely misapplied, resulting in undocumented students being banned from enrollement even in institutions that did not fall under the scope of the Board of Regents' ban. In response to our letter, the Board of Regents maintained that it wwill be working with universities to ensure correct applicaiton of the policy. We continue to monitor its implementation and in fact have issued public records requests to the five universities as well as the Board of Regents.

Board of Regents Press Release

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