The ACLU of Georgia took this case on behalf of inmates and pretrial detainees who were repeatedly placed in a restraint chair that prevented all bodily movement except for the neck. The chair was often placed outside and the inmates and detainees were exposed to harsh, natural elements. In one case, an inmate was left in the restraint chair for five hours and ended up defecating on himself. Another inmate was pepper sprayed while in the chair.

The United States Supreme Court has established that restraints should not be used to impose “wanton and unnecessary pain,” and has also said that restraints should not be used once a prisoner has been subdued.

As a result of the ACLU of Georgia’s efforts, both parties came to an agreement that includes (1) the hiring of a prison expert who will create lawful restraint policies for the jail, and (2) payment of Plaintiffs’ expenses and attorneys fees in the amount of $4,500.

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