The ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project and the ACLU of Georgia challenged HB 954, which criminalizes virtually all abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy, on behalf of three Georgia obstetrician-gynecologists whose patients include women in need of this essential medical care.  The complaint was filed in November 2012, in the Superior Court of Fulton County against Gov. Nathan Deal, Attorney General Sam Olens, and several other state officials.  The ban would force many women to continue with pregnancy, despite serious health risks.

In December 2012, the Superior Court issued an injunction which prevents HB 954 from banning pre-viable abortion care.  In December 2013, an order was issued denying Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss our challenge to the records provisions of HB 954.  If we prevail on our pending motion, the provisions of HB 954 prohibiting pre-viable abortion care and granting district attorneys access to patient medical records will be struck down as unconstitutional under the right to privacy provisions of the Georgia Constitution.  If our motion is denied, we will proceed with discovery and trial. Adrienne Marting of Balch & Bingham is a cooperating attorney.

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