The ACLU of Georgia filed a lawsuit on behalf on an honor student who alleged he was subjected to disciplinary actions for wearing clothing that the school believed was "gang related." The student claimed that the gang clothing dress code was unconstitutionally vague.

Judge Beverly Martin issued an order addressing the constitutionality of the dress code. She granted summary judgment in our favor and stated that the school’s “gang related” dress policies were unconstitutionally vague. She also granted declaratory and injunctive relief as to the policies under which the Plaintiff was disciplined. The court ruled against us on our free speech and due process claims; it granted the principal qualified immunity, and decided that material issues of fact remained as to the reason our client was ultimately disciplined. A trial date was set for November of 2006, but shortly before trial, the parties reached a settlement. The judge awarded interim attorneys’ fees to the ACLU in the amount of $53,197.

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