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What’s your plan to vote? Here are four steps you can use to make your plan. 


Step 1: Check your registration – you have until December 7th to register or update the address on your registration form. Check it now!

Step 2: Decide how you will vote – by mail, in-person early or in-person  -- which starts on December 14th -- or on the final day in the election season: Jan. 5th.  

Step 3. Bring a Bestie with you
Pack a bagged lunch, grab your phone, jump in the car and go pick up your bestie, because it’s voting time! With one of the biggest elections of our lifetime quickly approaching, we need to come together, now more than ever, and make sure every voice is heard at the polls. 

Step 4. Vote. And vote the entire ballot from the top to the bottom. For a sample ballot, visit acluga.org/myvoterpage

Click here for additional resources to help you make your plan to vote! "