Click here to download a copy of instructions to fill out your absentee ballot. 

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For instructions on how to request your absentee ballot by completing your absentee ballot application, click here.

Click here for FAQ on voting your Georgia absentee ballot 

Step 1: Your Official Absentee Ballot

Open the envelope labeled “Official Absentee Ballot.” 
This envelope will contain:
• your absentee ballot, 
• the instructions for filling out your absentee ballot, 
• an outer envelope, and 
• a “privacy” sleeve in the form of a white sheet of paper.

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Step 2: Use Black or Blue Pen

• Use a black or blue pen only. 
• Use the same pen to fill out the entire ballot.

Step 3: Completely Fill the Oval

On your ballot, for each race in which you wish to vote or for each question you wish to answer, completely fill the oval next to the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote or the response you wish to give to a question.

Step 4: If You Need a New Ballot

• If you make any errors while voting, damage the ballot, or otherwise require a new ballot so that you can vote as you intend, immediately contact your County Elections Office to ask for a replacement ballot. 
• Ask your County Elections Office what to do with the ballot that is being replaced. 

Step 5: The Privacy Sleeve

• After voting your ballot, take the privacy sleeve -- the white sheet of paper labeled “OFFICIAL ABSENTEE BALLOT, BALLOT MUST BE ENCLOSED” -- and fold it in half.
• Insert your ballot into the folded privacy sleeve [white sheet of paper]

Note: The instructions included with your absentee ballot may refer to “two envelopes” or an “inner envelope” in which your completed ballot should be placed. 
This is a mistake because the Georgia Secretary of State’s office only included a white sheet of paper rather than an envelope.  

Step 6: Addressing the Envelope

• Take the privacy sleeve [folded white sheet of paper] with your ballot inside of it and place it into the envelope that has a yellow bar on it and has been pre-addressed to your county board of registrar.  
• Write your return address at the top left-hand side of the envelope inside the yellow bar.

Step 7: Fill out the Oath on the Back of the Outer Envelope

- Be sure to sign the back of the envelope as you signed when you registered to vote … or place your mark.
- Print your name. 

Step 7a. Person Assisting Elector
(If no one is assisting you, go to Step 8.)

1. Fill in the date -- Day, Month, Year. 
2. This, the ______ day of _________, _________.
3. Person assisting you signs.
4. Print the name of person assisting elector
5. Check the square regarding the reason for the assistance. 
__​ Elector is unable to read the English language.
​__ Elector requires assistance due to physical disability.

Step 8: The Envelope

Seal the envelope.

Step 9: Turning in your ballot by mail or in-person

You can return your absentee ballot two ways. 
• Through the mail 
• In person.

1. Returning your ballot through the mail
• Place two stamps on the envelope. Use either two First Class or two Forever stamps ($0.55 each).

• Place your ballot in the mail. 

2. Returning your absentee ballot in person
• Personally deliver the ballot to the your County Elections Office or
• Drop the ballot into a “Ballot Dropbox” that may be provided by your county. 
Contact your County Elections Office for more information on options to vote your absentee ballot outside of mailing the ballot.


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