The ACLU of Georgia is a constant presence in the state capitol working with law and policy makers to ensure the necessary statutes exist to protect our civil rights.  Here are some of the key issues we're working on to ensure freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

Expanding Voter Rights

The ACLU of Georgia is working in the courts and in the capitol to make sure every registered voter has an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy.  The ACLU of Georgia defends voter rights and defeats efforts to stop Georgians from exercising their sacred, constitutional right to vote. We're also working to expand voter rights with common-sense reforms like same-day voter registration to ensure more people in Georgia have the opportunity to cast a ballot and make their voices heard.

Ending Partisan Gerrymandering

In just a couple of years, legislative district maps will be redrawn. This once-in- a-decade process determines who will have a voice in the halls of power and whether all Georgians will be fairly and equally represented. It is vital that this process isn’t biased against communities of color or skewed in favor of incumbent politicians, as it has been in the past.

Voters should choose their representatives, rather than politicians choosing their voters. That is why the ACLU of Georgia is advocating for a nonpartisan redistricting system that would take politics out of the redistricting process and ensure that legislative maps are drawn fairly.

Advocating for Comprehensive Civil Rights Legislation

No one should be fired from a job, evicted from their home, or denied public services because of who they are. But currently, Georgia has some of the weakest nondiscrimination protections in the nation. The ACLU of Georgia is advocating for the passage of comprehensive civil rights legislation, like Senate Bill 119, would protect all Georgians from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

Promoting Criminal Justice Reform

The ACLU Smart Justice Campaign is working towards the goals of reducing the prison and jail population by 50%, and combating racial disparities in the criminal justice system. The ACLU of Georgia is launching its own Smart Justice Campaign to end mass incarceration in our state.

Protecting Privacy Rights

The government has no business in the lives of private citizens.  There has been an onslaught of laws eroding your fundamental right to privacy.  In light of the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 34, we are focusing our efforts to defending your right to privacy on the Internet. 

Supporting Reproductive Freedom & Women's Rights

In this political climate women are under constant attack regarding their rights to privacy and equality.  The ACLU of Georgia is proud to stand with our partners regarding Reproductive Freedom and Women's Rights.  We will not only defend but put forth a vigorous agenda that advances the equality of women everywhere.