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During the June 9 primary election, Georgia voters experienced long lines, trouble with the computers, and various other problems with in-person voting. One major reason for this hardship was that the counties simply failed to have enough poll workers to run an effective election. 

On August 11, Georgia voters will cast their ballots in runoff elections that remain from the June primary elections. On November 3, Georgia voters will also cast their ballots in the general election. 

Georgia is particularly in need of pollworkers who are
younger Georgians who are at lower risk of COVID-19 complications
lawyers committed to understanding the ins and outs of election law and administration, or
tech-savvy to help keep the electronic voter machines up and running. 

We also encourage and will help facilitate members of organizations to sign up together as poll workers and adopt polling precincts in their respective counties.

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if you would like to assist us in our efforts, please click here to sign up as a poll worker in your county. 
The ACLU of Georgia will be in touch to help you sign up, train, and get scheduled with your county of residence to work the polls in August and/or November.

Together, we can protect every Georgian’s sacred right to vote!  

The August 11 runoff will be the pilot phase of the program. We hope to recruit enough poll workers for August 11 to help us determine what changes need to be put in place prior to the November 3 general election. Whether you are interested in working the polls during Early Vote or Election Day, for August 11 or November 3, we encourage you to submit this form.

Phase One: August 11th Runoff Election
• The ACLU of Georgia is looking to recruit at least 500 poll workers for the August 11th runoff— specifically 400 for the state’s largest counties: Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, and DeKalb. We hope to ensure that all poll workers begin training prior to the August 11th runoff election in order to gain experience prior to serving on November 3rd.

Phase Two: November 3rd General Election
• The ACLU of Georgia is looking to recruit at least 1,000 poll workers in the four largest counties: Cobb, Gwinnett, Fulton, and Dekalb. We hope to recruit 2,000 poll workers for the entire state. 
• In order to have poll workers who understand the intricacies of election law, the ACLU of Georgia is aiming to recruit 700 lawyers working the polls in the four largest counties, with approximately one lawyer per polling site.

Polling Precinct Adoption Program
• In addition to recruiting poll workers, the ACLU of Georgia wants to help civic organizations “adopt” polling precincts, which means members of organizations can work certain polling locations together to ensure that polling precincts are fully staffed, that any issues that arise can be addressed well with a team that is used to working together, and that the community has trust in the polling precinct and process.

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Learn more about being a poll worker in the State of Georgia Poll Worker Manual.
Contact your county elections office