Sean J. Young, legal director of the ACLU of Georgia

Young will testify at today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on SB414, a bill that defines which felonies involve ‘moral turpitude’ for the purpose of denying U.S. citizens their constitutional right to vote. 

Georgia General Assembly Senate Judiciary Committee 
Coverdell Legislative Office Building, Room 307
18 Capitol Square SW
Atlanta, GA 30334

March 9, 2020 4:00pm

“The ACLU of Georgia is opposed to felon disenfranchisement because of its discriminatory roots,” said Sean J. Young, legal director of the ACLU of Georgia. “Felon disenfranchisement was only put into the Georgia Constitution soon after the Fifteenth Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. That stain on the Georgia Constitution has never been washed out. It is time to do so.”

Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato media@acluga.org