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  1. PRESS RELEASE ACLU of Georgia Demands Full Investigation Into New Allegation of Water Contamination at Cobb County Detention Center

    January 18, 2020Press release
  2. PRESS RELEASE ACLU of Georgia Urges Cobb County Sheriff’s Office to Conduct a Full Investigation into the Water Contamination at its Detention Center

    January 21, 2020Press release
  3. PRESS RELEASE ACLU of Georgia Urges Cobb County Sheriff’s Office to Rescind Policy Banning the Marietta Daily Journal at the Detention Center

    January 22, 2020Press release
  4. BOLETÍN DE PRENSA La ACLU de Georgia Urge a la Oficina del Alguacil del Condado de Cobb revocar la política que veta al periódico Marietta Daily Journal dentro del Centro de Detención

    January 22, 2020Press release
  5. ACLU Victory: Federal Court Orders Sumter County to Adopt Court-Drawn Maps For School Board Elections

    January 29, 2020Press release
  6. Victoria de la ACLU: Corte Federal Ordena al Condado de Sumter Adoptar Mapas Distritales Trazados por el Tribunal para las Elecciones del Consejo Educativo

    January 30, 2020Press release
  7. ACLU, Center for Reproductive Rights, Planned Parenthood File Motion for Summary Judgment in Georgia Abortion Ban Lawsuit

    February 20, 2020Press release
  8. ACLU, el Centro para los Derechos Reproductivos y Planned Parenthood Presentaron una Moción de Sentencia Sumaria en la Demanda contra la Prohibición del Aborto en Georgia

    February 20, 2020Press release
  9. Press Release ACLU of Georgia Letter to Governor Kemp, Commissioner Toomey Encourages State Actions Grounded in Science, Public Health, and Civil Liberties

    March 16, 2020Press release
  10. Press Release ACLU of Georgia Sends Open Letter to All Public Officials with Responsibility for dealing with COVID-19 in the Criminal Legal System

    March 18, 2020Press release