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  1. Marriage Equality: VICTORY!

    June 26, 2015News updateLGBT Rights
  2. FAQ: Same-Sex Marriage In Georgia

    June 26, 2015News updateLGBT Rights
  3. Georgia RFRA Dies in Face of National Backlash

    April 6, 2015News updateLGBT Rights
  4. Everything That Is Wrong With US Prisons in One Picture

    April 4, 2015News updateCriminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  5. DeKalb settles lawsuit over jailing of poor defendants

    March 20, 2015News update
  6. Thompson v DeKalb County

    March 19, 2015News updateCriminal Justice
  7. Georgia: Enact Reform Bill on For-Profit Probation

    March 11, 2015News updateCriminal Justice
  8. Chaplain Employed by For-Profit Prison Accused of Whitewashing Immigrant Detention Abuses

    January 16, 2015News update
  9. Faith Leaders Denounce Private Prison’s Use of Chaplain to Whitewash Record of Abuse

    January 13, 2015News updateImmigrants' Rights -old, Prisoners' Rights
  10. My Experiences at the CCA Operated Stewart Detention Center #ShutDownStewart #ExposeandClose

    January 13, 2015News updateCriminal Justice, Immigrants' Rights -old, Prisoners' Rights


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