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  1. ACLU of Georgia Disappointed the Secretary of State is Unwilling to Grant Due Process to Georgia Citizens Who Vote By Absentee Ballot

    October 25, 2018Page
  2. ACLU of Georgia Responds to Reports Regarding the 53,000 Voters With Pending Registrations Due to Exact Match Law

    October 11, 2018Page
  3. La ACLU de Georgia Responde a los Reportes sobre los 53,000 Votantes cuyo Registro está Pendiente debido a la Norma Exact Match o de Correspondencia Exacta

    October 11, 2018Page
  4. PRESS STATEMENT: ACLU of Georgia Commends Randolph County Board of Elections and Registration for Rejecting the Contractor-Recommended Proposal to Close 75% of Precincts

    August 24, 2018Page
  5. Press Statement: ACLU of Georgia Using the County Jail to Fulfill Federal Government Policy Is A Waste of County Taxpayer Dollars and Destroys Local Communities

    July 20, 2018Page
  6. ACLU of Georgia Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Travel Ban on People of the Muslim Faith

    June 26, 2018Page
  7. The ACLU of Georgia Statement on Judicial Candidate’s “Political Prosecution”

    May 21, 2018Page
  8. ACLU of Georgia Statement on the Alpharetta Police Brutal Arrest of Rose Campbell, 65-year Old African-American Woman Whom They Dragged Out of Her Car During a Traffic Stop

    May 11, 2018Page
  9. Statement of Andrea Young, Executive Director of the ACLU of Georgia, on the Firing of the Henry County Police Officer and Dropping of Charges Against Desmond Marrow

    May 10, 2018Page
  10. ACLU of Georgia Statement on the Violent Arrest of Desmond Marrow by Henry County Law Enforcement

    April 27, 2018Page