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  1. The ACLU of Georgia Urges the State Building Authority to End Government Censorship of Liberty Plaza

    March 13, 2018Press release
  2. The ACLU of Georgia Responds to Reports of Schools Physically Preventing Students From Walking Out in Protest in Exercise of Their First Amendment Rights

    March 14, 2018Press release
  3. ACLU of Georgia Calls for Documentation of Disciplinary Action Resulting from Students Participating in the March 14th Protest

    March 15, 2018Press release
  4. The ACLU of Georgia Victorious in Protecting Georgians’ First Amendment Rights in Federal Lawsuit Against the City of Savannah

    March 16, 2018Press release
  5. ACLU Victory: Federal Court Rules Sumter County’s Public Education School Board Districts Violate the Voting Rights Act

    March 18, 2018Press release
  6. Monday: Rally Opposing Limits on Early Voting (SB 363)

    March 22, 2018Press release
  7. The ACLU of Georgia Files Lawsuit Demanding the State Capitol Police, Georgia Building Authority Stop Barring Protests in the State Capitol Building

    March 29, 2018Press release
  8. Federal District Court Rules in Favor of ACLU of Georgia and Orders Capitol Police to Allow Display of Hand-Held Signs in the Capitol Building

    March 29, 2018Press release
  9. Federal Court Rules in Favor of ACLU, Cancels Discriminatory Sumter County Education Board Elections

    April 2, 2018Press release
  10. ACLU of Georgia Urges School to Issue Apology for Forcing Students to Walk Out of Class on March 14

    April 3, 2018Press release