ACLU of Georgia Vision and Mission

The ACLU of Georgia envisions a state that guarantees all persons the civil liberties and rights contained in the United States and Georgia Constitutions and Bill of Rights.

The ACLU of Georgia enhances and defends the civil liberties and rights of all Georgians through legal action, legislative and community advocacy, and civic education and engagement. We are an inclusive, nonpartisan, and statewide organization powered by our members, donors and active volunteers.

Core Values
The ACLU of Georgia believes and acts upon five core values:

Liberty and Justice
We hold that all people are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and have equality under the law.

Democracy and Patriotism
We believe that the United States must live out the true meaning of its creed, that all people are created equal, and all individuals should have their voices heard and be able to participate in our political process. We celebrate and strive to understand different perspectives, allowing us to stand united.

Our work is guided by our principles, vision, and mission without regard to political party or personality.

Equity and Inclusion
We create a culture of belonging for all within our organization, one that respects and embraces differences, treats people equitably, and empowers staff and the Board to do their best possible work.

Integrated Advocacy
We are serious and resolute in our convictions and will utilize the most effective and efficient tactics to further our mission. We will center those most impacted by our work and work with an array of coalition partners.



ACLU GA Strategic Plan 2020-2023