ACLU of Georgia's Local Election Advocates and Defenders (LEAD) Program Information

Local election offices in Georgia make the crucial decisions that let us freely exercise our constitutional right to vote. We must work at the local level to hold election officials accountable to Georgia voters. 

The Local Election Advocates and Defenders (LEAD) program helps build more transparent, effective, accessible, and responsive elections offices. 

Program volunteers, or LEADers, play a fundamental role in protecting ballot access. Embedded in their counties, LEADers are the program’s eyes and ears on the ground, supporting the ACLU of Georgia to guarantee free and fair elections across our state. LEADers can expect to attend local Board of Elections meetings, report back on potential issues, and work with the ACLU of Georgia to advocate for voter-minded policies and practices. 

If you are interested in becoming a LEADer please review the detailed job description and sign up to be a volunteer.

We rely on volunteers and supporters like you to make the important work of protecting voter access to the ballot possible!


Questions? Contact [email protected]


LEADer Requirements

Who can be a leader?

Anyone can be a LEADer! Dedication to local voter protection is the most important qualification for being a LEADer. Refer below for guidance on what constitutes an ideal candidate. We believe that representation matters! We are striving to recruit teams that reflect all the diverse communities of Georgia.


Must haves:

  • Be located in county of residence (or nearby)
  • Be willing and able to travel within county to the Elections and Registrations office and other county government buildings where election business is held
  • Sufficient time commitment to meet role expectations (approximately ~10 hours a month outside of Election Day/Early Vote, as time commitment expectations may increase around election periods)
  • Skilled in notetaking/condensing information into concise summaries
  • Share values that voting is a fundamental right for all Georgians regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political afiliation, disability
  • Believe in the ACLU-GA's inclusive and nonpartisan mission to enhance and defend the civil liberties and rights of all Georgians through legal action, legislative and community advocacy, and civic education and engagement

Necessary Skills:

  • Excellent judgment
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Reliable
  • Responsive
  • Team player
  • Most importantly willing to learn.

Nice to haves:

  • Be comfortable with public speaking
  • Can handle difficult interpersonal situations with ease
  • Be active in your community and tied into county/local issues
  • Be familiar with voting rights and social justice issues generally
  • Have a background in law, public policy, or government administration (no specific professional background is required)
  • ● Have past experience with campaigns and/or nonprofit organizations in voter engagement

Expected Responsibilities


  • Attend monthly Board of Election meetings 1 either virtually or in person
  • Follow local news (local organ for election notices) and sign up to receive county government updates on meetings, hearings, announcements, etc.
  • Take detailed meeting notes/summarize key takeaways
  • Flag potential issues directly to the VAP team
  • Following VAP team guidance, contact the the appropriate election official to address issues directly
  • Following VAP team guidance, advocate for pro-voter policies at Board meetings
  • Develop cordial and professional relationships with election officials
  • Be on call to assist with local issues as they arise
  • Provide context and background to those issues.


  • Attend other meetings as they arise (such as special Board of Elections meetings, Board of Commissioner meetings, election certification hearings, etc.)
  • Recording meetings digitally
  • Assist VAP team in recruiting LEADers, poll workers, deputy registrars, etc. in your county and neighboring counties
  • Be available on Election Day/Early Vote to check out problematic polling locations
  • Assist VAP team in identifying affected voters/declarants for potential lawsuits.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out an application to be an ACLU-GA VAP LEADer in your county here
  2. If we're recruiting in your county, a VAP team member will get in touch with you to schedule a conversation about the role and your interest
  3. Based on county need, we'll send you a packet of onboarding materials and invite you to attend a training session/office hours
  4. After all this, you're set to start attending Board of Election meetings!