Staff & Board of Directors


The ACLU of Georgia staff is dedicated to the protection of our guaranteed Constitutional rights. Their work ensures that the ACLU of Georgia can effectively carry out its mission. They are assisted by the efforts and dedication of a significant number of passionate interns and volunteers, and financially supported by thousands of ACLU members throughout the state.

Andrea Young - Executive Director
Nadine Marcelin - Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Dorrie Toney - Communications Director 
Paige Manieri - Digital Communications Manager
Jerzy Shedlock - Communications Strategist

Nikki Cox - Director of Development
Nicole Berman - Development Officer
Adina Russell - Development Coordinator 

Finance & Operations
Lisa Adler - Deputy Director
JaNessa Walker-Grant - Operations Manager and HR Associate
Brittany Bromfield - Membership Engagement Manager

Cory Isaacson - Legal Director
Nneka Ewulonu - Staff Attorney
Andrés M. López-Delgado - Staff Attorney
Caitlin May - Staff Attorney
I'yanna Barker - Paralegal

Policy and Advocacy
Christopher E. Bruce, Esq. - Policy Director
Fallon McClure - Deputy Director of Policy and Advocacy
Cherrell Brown - Community Engagement Manager
Sarah Hunt-Blackwell - First Amendment Policy Advocate

Voter Access Project
Rachel Lastinger - Associate Director, Voter Access Project
Jordan McNary - Community Organizer, Voter Access Project



Jack W. Kennedy Jr. - President
Randy Butterfield - 1st Vice Chair
Jeffrey A. Willard - 2nd Vice Chair 
Carlton Fields - Treasurer
Graydon Gordian - Secretary
Kama Bethel Pierce - Equity Officer
Gail Podolsky - National Board Representative

Lisa Aman - Board Member 
Raquel M. Gayle - Board Member
Faraz Iqbal - Board Member
Natalie Keng - Board Member
Maria del Rosario Palacios - Board Member
Christie Sithiphone - Board Member
Julia Stone - Board Member
Feifei Sun - Board Member
Harry Floyd Taylor - Board Member
Michelle Audrey Walsh - Board Member


Ways to Support Our Work

Since 1963, the ACLU of Georgia has defended, protected, and extended civil liberties for all Georgians. We bring this powerful legacy of more than half a century here in Georgia and the nearly 100 years of service from the National ACLU to the unprecedented challenges of our time. 
December 7, 2018