Development Coordiantor





Adina Russell (she/they) Development Coordinator, started her life of activism at 13 years old protesting wealth inequality during the Occupy Wallstreet protests. At this time Adina was also a classical concert pianist and New York native until they moved to Washington DC to attend American University in 2014 where they majored in Political Science and Sociology with a concentration in Public Policy. While attending American University they continued to be involved in social justice work, and reinstated The American Islamic Congress’ Project Nur Chapter which focused on increasing interfaith dialogue between Muslim and Non-Muslim communities at the height of the 2017 Muslim Ban.  After graduating from American University with her bachelor’s degree, Adina worked as a Research Coordinator at a Policy Analysis firm in DC.  Adina is now the Development Coordinator at the ACLU of GA and Lives in Decatur with her partner and is the proud parent of four cats named Lina, Luna, Venus, and Gaia.