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Black Voters Matter v. Raffensperger

The ACLU of Georgia filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Black Voters Matter challenging the constitutionality of requiring voters to buy postage stamps when submitting mail-in absentee ballots and mailing in absentee ballot applications. This is tantamount to a poll tax. 

April 8, 2020

Wright v. Sumter

A federal court in Albany agreed with the ACLU Voting Rights Project, the Law Office of Bryan L. Sells, and the ACLU of Georgia, that the at-large voting scheme used to elect members to the county Board of Elections was discriminatory and disproportionately impacted black voters.
January 29, 2020

Letter to Cobb County Sheriff's Office Regarding Water Contamination

The ACLU of Georgia sent the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office a letter urging it to conduct a full investigation into the water contamination at the Cobb County Detention Center and perform appropriate comprehensive medical exams of each person who may have been infected after consuming toxins in the

January 21, 2020