Have your rights been violated? Sharing your experience can help shape the ACLU of Georgia’s work.

The ACLU of Georgia’s purpose is centered around fighting for the civil rights and liberties of all Georgians. Our legal team files strategic lawsuits that we believe will best advance or protect those civil rights and liberties and will have a wide impact in our state.

We welcome stories from Georgians who believe their rights have been violated. When you share your story, you give us insight into the injustices people in our community face. This information helps us assess the condition of civil rights and liberties in Georgia and determine where our limited resources can be best applied. While we do not have the capacity to respond to submissions, we carefully review and keep record of them.

The ACLU of Georgia is generally unable to accept or respond to requests for legal assistance. We do not serve as legal aid and are not affiliated with the public defender’s office

If you are seeking  legal assistance, we have a list of resources below to help in your search. The following link will provide you with information to better understand your rights and help you evaluate any violations: Know Your Rights.

Sharing your story does not create an attorney-client relationship, and your information could be shared with ACLU of Georgia staff. It will not be shared beyond the ACLU of Georgia without your permission. If we have questions, we will reach out to you directly.



While we prefer electronic submissions, stories may also be submitted by mail to:
ACLU of Georgia
PO Box 570738
Atlanta, GA 30309


ACLU of Georgia cannot accept story submissions by email or telephone.


Our work focuses on strategic lawsuits aimed at having the widest impact on civil rights and liberties across the state, and we are generally unable to provide individual legal representation or respond to requests for legal assistance. We have complied a list of resources for those who are seeking direct legal assistance.



If you believe your rights have been violated, we welcome you to share your story with us to give us valuable insight into the status of civil rights and civil liberties in Georgia.