Free expression continues to be a legislative priority for ACLU of Georgia. We will champion for the right to free expression and safe protest for all Georgians.


Last year’s SB 171 legislation introduced significant crack downs on Georgians’ protest rights, proposing enhanced penalties for misdemeanors committed during protests. With public demonstrations continuing to be at the forefront, ACLU GA is prepared to defend safe protest rights for those across the state.


Free speech is one of our most foundational rights as Americans and Georgians, and it should be protected fervently. Censoring speech in our most sacred places – schools, communities, and online – prevents expression that is tantamount to principles of open discourse and debate. The ACLU of Georgia will continue advocating for Georgians’ First Amendment right to openly express protected speech.


LGBTQ+ children are students in Georgia schools, and their identities and experiences should not be stifled or ignored. Including LGBTQ+ lessons, books and discussions in school curricula encourages open discussion and protects the right to learn. The First Amendment guarantees young people’s right to an equitable education, and the ACLU of Georgia will be a relentless champion for fair and accurate learning.


The staff of the ACLU of Georgia was tireless and strategic in their fight to protect our civil rights and civil liberties every day of the Georgia legislative session in 2022. Working with allies, we were able to lessen the damage to civil liberties that many pieces of legislation intended.

This legislation was signed into law in early 2022. It prevents the use of and reliance on a curriculum that teaches “certain concepts on race.” Our students should be able to learn about race and racism in the same way they learn about math and science–as accurately as possible. This legislation puts politicians between students and their teachers. 

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