The ACLU of Georgia finds that these issues present the main challenges to the civil and individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution. We accumulated these issues through our extensive work defending and preserving those rights and liberties on three main fronts: in the courts, legislatures and communities.

And on all three fronts, the ACLU of Georgia continues advancing the cause of civil liberties and is monitoring each issue. Due to limited resources and personnel, the ACLU of Georgia cannot litigate every issue presented or pursue every complaint with potential merit. Nonetheless, we stay dedicated to protecting our community and their constitutional rights and liberties.

Voter Rights

The ACLU of Georgia proudly champions, protects, and defends YOUR constitutional right to vote. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy upon which all of civil liberties rest.

Reproductive Freedom

The ACLU of Georgia is firmly on the frontlines protecting the liberty and freedom of women and couples to decide whether and when to start or expand a family without government interference.

First Amendment

“The very reason for the First Amendment is to make the people of this country free to think, speak, write and worship as they wish, not as the Government commands.”

LGBTQ+ Rights

The ACLU of Georgia works to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, & queer people belong everywhere and can live openly and authentically without discrimination, harassment, or violence.

Criminal Legal Reform

Our country’s mass incarceration system, rooted in the history of slavery, has devastated communities of color across the country, particularly Black communities, for decades.

Privacy & Surveillance

The ACLU of Georgia works to expand the right to privacy, increase the control individuals have over their personal information, and ensure civil liberties are enhanced rather than compromised by technological innovation.