Christopher Bruce, political director, ACLU of Georgia

Georgia House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee Meeting on Citizen’s Arrest Law

Livestreamed on the Georgia House Legislative Network

Monday July 13, 2020 at 10:00AM

“Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law is outdated and has historically allowed slave patrols and lynch mobs to take the law into their own hands. Today, it continues to permit people to weaponize their own racial biases and deprive innocent Georgians of their most basic liberties - freedom and life, which we saw with the senseless and horrific murder of Ahmaud Arbery. We must dismantle and revise laws that contribute to systematic racism and that are overall harmful and unnecessary,” said Christopher Bruce ACLU of Georgia political director. “For these reasons, the ACLU of Georgia recommends revising Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law to bring it in line with the constitutional promise of ‘We the people’ so that it truly means all people.”