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Ana Maria Rosato

November 17, 2020

ATLANTA – Today, the ACLU of Georgia wrote to Georgia elections officials reminding them that “[u]nder Georgia law, the deadline for changing the number of polling places for the January 5 runoff passed on November 6, sixty days before January 5, 2021.”

“To protect the sacred fundamental right to vote for all Georgians, every polling place used in the November general election should be fully operational on Jan 5th, the last day to vote in-person in the runoff election ” said Sean J. Young.

Turnout for the January runoff may be similar to the turnout for the general election. Therefore, “it is imperative that counties maintain the elections infrastructure used in November to accommodate large numbers of voters,” the ACLU of Georgia letter states.

Through its poll worker recruitment program, the ACLU of Georgia offers to help counties ensure that their polling locations are adequately staffed.