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Dorrie Toney, [email protected]

February 14, 2023

Sarah Hunt-Blackwell, ACLU of Georgia Policy Advocate testifying on Senate Bill 88 (the Parents and Children Protection Act of 2023) at the Senate Education & Youth Committee meeting 

Georgia State Capitol (206 Washington St SW Atlanta GA 30334)
Room 450 CAP
Link to Livestream
2:30 PM

“SB 88 violates the First Amendment rights of thousands of Georgians, minors and adults, limiting conversations that are legally and constitutionally permissible in Georgia schools. The First Amendment protects educators’ right of free expression and students’ right to equitable learning, and laws like SB 88 undercut those rights by censoring LGBTQ+ realities, experiences, and discussions,”  said Sarah Hunt-Blackwell, ACLU of Georgia Policy Advocate

SB 88 violates many First Amendment principles. The bill would chill protected speech, it is selectively vague, and it would infringe on the right to equitable education in Georgia schools. The U.S. Constitution protects conversations about gender identity and sexual orientation, even in schools.

 As currently written, the bill bans educators from discussing gender identity or sexual orientation with students, even if students initiate the discussion or ask questions; prohibits families from changing students’ gender on official school forms without a newly issued birth certificate; and prohibits instructing a child when educators or school staff are dressed in a “sexually provocative manner.”

SB 88
Senate Education & Youth Committee meeting agenda