Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato [email protected]

ATLANTA – The ACLU of Georgia has released its report “Recommendations on Best Practices for County Elections Officials from Georgia Poll Workers.” The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique and significant challenges for local elections officials including staffing shortages and the implementation of in-person social distancing.

The ACLU of Georgia report’s 17 recommendations fall within six areas designed to streamline the recruitment, training, placement, and equipping of poll workers at the county level, especially on the final day of the election, November 3rd where feasible.

  1. Simplify the application process and adopt shorter shifts to encourage more people to become poll workers.

  2. Organize training materials in an easily digestible format to increase awareness on the nuances of election procedure.

  3. Implement dry runs and personnel/equipment contingency plans to preempt common Election Day challenges faced by poll workers.

  4. Simplify the absentee ballot cancellation process to reduce wait times.

  5. Expand channels for feedback from poll workers to allow for continuous improvement of the elections process.

  6. Adopt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines to protect the health of poll workers and voters.

“We know that the June 9th election didn’t go as well as it should have. We are working with elected officials and civic organizations throughout the state to ensure that elections work the way they should,” said Christopher Bruce, political director of the ACLU of Georgia. “We ask civic-minded citizens to answer the call and sign up as poll workers to help their neighbors exercise their sacred right to vote.”


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