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Dorrie Toney, [email protected]

November 18, 2022

ATLANTA—Today, the Superior Court of Fulton County ruled that Georgia counties are permitted to hold early voting on Saturday, November 26, 2022, dismissing the State of Georgia’s argument that holding early voting that day would be prohibited by state law. The ACLU of Georgia submitted an amicus brief in the lawsuit challenging the State’s interpretation. The brief explained that prohibiting Saturday voting would disproportionately impact Black voters.

“We are pleased by the Court’s ruling permitting Saturday voting,” said Caitlin May, ACLU of Georgia voting rights attorney. “In Georgia’s 2021 U.S. Senate runoff election, Black voters were nearly twice as likely as white voters to vote on Saturday. A failure to offer Saturday voting in combination with the already compressed timeline required by Georgia’s anti-voter law, S.B. 202, will disproportionately affect Black voters, so we urge all Georgia counties to exercise their ability to offer Saturday and Sunday voting starting Saturday, November 26.”

The court ruling also notes that the State cannot stop counties from holding early voting on November 26 based on the rules regarding notice for early voting dates, times, and locations. The ACLU of Georgia urges counties to offer early voting on Saturday, November 26, to ensure that more voters will have access to the ballot box.  

The ACLU of Georgia remains committed to protecting and enhancing the election system to ensure that all citizens may exercise their civic duty.