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ATLANTA – The events surrounding the killing of Ahmaud Arbery harken back to the worst practices of Georgia under Jim Crow. The question before the jury was whether they believed in a Georgia that is multi racial and multicultural where every person can live freely or whether they would affirm white supremacy.

“With their verdict, the jury rejected the vestige of Jim Crow and the assertion of white supremacy that was at the center of this case. This is a vitally important step, brought about because of the determination of Ahmaud Arbery’s family and his community and the public protests,” said Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia. “Importantly, this movement led to the repeal of the Citizen’s Arrest law, and we must continue to work for racial equality in the State of Georgia. Glynn County must create an independent Citizen’s Review Board. Black Georgians must have a voice in our state and local governments that fully reflects their share of the population, and we must protect the right to protest without which these men would never have even been arrested."