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As part of our work in the defense of civil liberties, the ACLU of Georgia issues reports, position papers, booklets and advocacy materials that study and note developments in civil liberties. Below is a listing of some of our publications organized by issue.

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Surveillance - Danger Without Benefits

Displacing, not fighting crime: Studies from England and the U.S. determined that CCTV surveillance does not reduce  the crime rate.At most, what  it will do is push criminals  outside the range of the cameras, often into nearby  residential areas.

May 27, 2016 Privacy and Technology

Prisoners of Profit

This report documents various serious abuses in Georgia detention centers requiring immediate action. For  the  reasons  set  forth  in  the  report,  the  conditions  documented  by   the  ACLU  of Georgia violate detainees’ constitutional and human rights as well as ICE standards.

May 27, 2016 Immigrants' Rights

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