November 4, 2020

Keep Your Faith in Democracy

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By Andrea Young , Executive Director | November 4, 2020

Hope. Vote. Advocate.

The voting has ended. The counting has begun. This election is not over until every eligible voter’s ballot is counted.

Now, the next phase of our work begins.
• Protect the sacred he right to vote and have every vote count the same
• Protect the right to reproductive freedom
• Reform our criminal legal system

These are the values that drive our work at the ACLU of Georgia to create a more perfect union. We vote to elect officials who will pursue policies to promote civil rights and civil liberties.

Now, for all of us, it is time to
• advocate for, promote, and extend our civil rights and civil liberties
• remind elected officials of our priorities, and
• hold them accountable.

The support of thousands of members, contributors, and volunteers enables the work of the ACLU of Georgia. Thank you for the many, many ways you stepped up to aid this effort.

Keep your faith in democracy.