This toolkit is designed to help you advocate in opposition of Senate Bill 140, which bans gender-affirming care and treatment for transgender and nonbinary youth in Georgia. The purpose of this toolkit is help make Georgia a state where youth can thrive and live in authenticity. Click here for additional resources on SB 140.


Thank you for using your social media platforms to help garner opposition to Senate Bill 140 in Georgia. Here is some content for your posts. 

  • There’s an attack happening on transgender and nonbinary youth in Georgia. SB 140 bans safe and necessary gender-affirming care for minors, risking the lives and well-being of thousands of trans youth. If you’re in Georgia, now is the time to get active. Contact your Senators to oppose SB 140. #StopCriminalizingCare #SB140
  • Attacks on transgender people, especially young people, are not just a trans issue. It’s up to all of us to help create spaces where all trans people are safe and accepted. Georgia’s Senate Bill 140 threatens the identities of trans youth, and Georgia’s lawmakers need to know that we won’t stand for it. #StopCriminalizingCare #SB140
  • Heads up if you’re in Georgia! SB 140 is a bill that bans safe and necessary gender affirming care for minors, risking the lives and well-being of thousands of trans youth. Click this link to contact your Senators and ask them to oppose SB 140. #StopCriminalizingCare #SB140
  • To all my people in Georgia, have you heard about SB 140? It’s a bill that bans safe and necessary gender affirming care for minors, risking the lives and well-being of thousands of trans youth. Contact your state Senators to ask them to oppose this bill: LINK #SB140 #StopCriminalizingCare
  • Hey, @GASenatePress @GovKemp – Transgender bodies are not illegal. Period. #StopCriminalizingCare #SB140
  • As a parent, I can’t imagine not being able to get the care my baby/babies need just because politicians say I can’t. If Senate Bill 140 passes in Georgia, that will be the reality for a lot of parents who have transgender kids. Get more info about SB 140 here: #SB140
  • Providing gender affirming care to minors shouldn’t be a topic of debate or politically restricted. But since it is… stop criminalizing care, @GaHouseHub @GASenatePress @GovKemp. #SB140 #gapol


Best Practices

  • Hold your phone horizontally: Make sure to hold your phone horizontally (in landscape mode) while recording a video. This will help capture a wider frame and result in a more visually appealing video.
  • Use the rear camera: The rear camera of your phone usually has a higher resolution and better quality than the front-facing camera. So, always use the rear camera to record your video.
  • Clean the lens: Before recording, make sure to clean the lens of your phone's camera. Fingerprints and smudges can affect the quality of your video.

Uploading video:

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  • Make sure the video format resolution is no less than 720p or 1080p. A high resolution video should be between 10-50 MB.
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  • Frame your shot: Consider the composition of your video. Try to position your subject in the center of the frame and avoid having too much empty space around them.
  • Record in high resolution: Record your video in the highest resolution available on your phone (most phones automatically adjust). This will give you more flexibility in post-production and result in a higher quality video.
  • Use external microphones: If possible, use an external microphone to record audio. This will improve the quality of the audio and reduce unwanted noise.

Video Script

Use this information to record yourself and then share it on all of your networks. You can use some of the content suggested above for your post. Remember to use the hashtags #SB140 #StopCriminalizingCare

Hello, My name is….

The Georgia Legislature is close to voting Senate Bill 140, the ban on gender-affirming, into law- but it's not too late to act.

The unprecedented attack on trans rights across the nation has primarily targeted children, and that’s exactly what Georgia’s SB 140 attempts to do. This legislation prevents Georgia’s youth from receiving medically necessary and life saving care, even though health professionals recognize the positive impacts on the mental health and overall well-being of gender diverse youth.

Those who support SB 140 want to legislate a medical decision that should be private, and left up to the families. This legislation would even criminalize medical health professionals for administering gender-affirming care! This doesn’t protect anyone, it is part of a targeted and coordinated campaign of erasure.

Take action today! Call, tweet, email Georgia State Senators today! Tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 140. Families’ decisions to choose gender affirming care for their loved ones is personal and private.


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SB 140

protect trans youth

keep politics off our young people's bodies

Trans bodies are not illegal