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Thank you for all your support to the ACLU of Georgia and our state as well as for your commitment to democracy. Your support made crucial work possible.

When voters were purged from the rolls, we filed lawsuits to restore them. When counties attempted to move or close precincts to communities of color, we interceded. We held town halls, took out ads, and phone banked to help voters understand when, where, and how to vote. We encouraged very young voters to show up, especially people of color.

We recruited 2,700 poll workers and deputy registrars when the pandemic kept worried election staff away.

We were part of a movement that got 5 million voters out in 2020 and saw civil liberties champions elected in county, state, and federal contests.

For these reasons, Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia, shares a special message thanking you for your continued, unwavering support throughout a very troubling year for civil liberties and civil rights in Georgia.

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