The ACLU is the gold standard for the protection of our civil liberties. We are historic. We are trusted. We are ethical. We are resolute. For nearly 100 years, the ACLU has been waging the challenging, high stakes civil liberties battles of the nation’s past, present, and future.  And never, in many of our lifetimes, have the stakes been higher than they are today.

At a time when we see our civil liberties disrupted or diminished from many directions, the ACLU remains what we have always been – principled. Our ethical and moral stance, our activism, our adherence to the U.S. Constitution, and our respect for the law are as true as ever and never more vital as challenges mount. 

The ACLU of Georgia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group of lawyers, advocates, and members fighting together for fairness and justice for all.

We have members in every county in Georgia. 

We fight to defend the rights that the U.S. Constitution guarantees to all of us regardless of
• who we are
where we come from
• whom we love
• what we believe

We fight in the courts, state house, and Congress.

First amendment rights, voter rights, women’s reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ rights – the ACLU is defending these rights across our nation and here at home, in Georgia, where the ACLU of Georgia is fast approaching its 60th anniversary.

First Amendment Rights
Dr. King said: “We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.”  With his words in mind, we remain laser-focused on voter rights and what we think of as the DNA of the ACLU – the First Amendment from Free Speech to Freedom of Religion.

Voter Rights
Our sacred, constitutional right to vote is the foundation of our civil liberties. Dr. King said, “Give us the ballot  and we will fill our legislative halls with people of good will.”

Protecting the vote – it’s the first step in protecting all our civil liberties. Each act of voter suppression comes at a cost to us personally, as a community, and as a nation. Each act of voter suppression interferes with our ability to protect and extend our other rights.

We know 70% of Georgian’s support Roe v Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that re-legalized abortion care. Yet, by a margin of 2, the state legislature voted to pass outlaw abortion care. Of those legislators who voted for the abortion ban, 85% in the State House were men, and 97% in the State Senate were men. That these men were elected through district maps designed to skew election results in their favor is purposeful … and another form of voter suppression.

Fair district maps equal fair representation.

The ACLU of Georgia fights to protect and extend our sacred, constitutional right to vote.

Women’s Reproductive Rights
The ACLU of Georgia is the lead organization challenging the state’s abortion ban, in partnership with reproductive rights legal experts in our national office and our coalition partners here in Georgia. The state’s abortion ban represents a callous disregard for the health and wellness of Georgia’s women and utter contempt for their constitutional rights as the U.S. Supreme Court established in its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

One of the great injustices is that women’s reproduction is stigmatized in our society as is the fact that we have had to continue to fight for recognition of the special needs women have as a result of our reproductive capacity.

The ACLU of Georgia fights to protect each woman’s reproductive rights. Our message is clear: Let Her Decide.

Criminal Legal System Reform
We fight to reform the criminal legal system in which people are too often treated differently based on race and the amount of money they have – a violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and 40 years of U.S. Supreme Court precedent. The ACLU of Georgia believes in and fights for liberty and justice for all. 

Advocacy that Works
We continue to build for impact in a manner to amplify our outcomes. With community organizing and volunteer engagement, the ACLU of Georgia bolsters successful legislative advocacy at the state capitol. Our media and communications strategy puts our legal work in public view throughout the state and across the nation and successfully builds the case for the urgency and importance of our work and for the added resources and support we need. Our legal team fights on the ground and in the courts across the state to protect, defend, and expand the precious constitutional rights we hold dear.

Maya Angelou once said that courage is the most important virtue. We are committed to being courageous. The times require it. Together with your support and commitment, the ACLU of Georgia dares to create a more perfect union for ourselves and our families, our communities and our nation.