Our impact in the courtroom has generated:

  • Legal victories in the areas of religious freedom, LGBTQ rights, and immigrants' rights
  • 9 active and pending impact litigation cases
  • 171 open records requests and demand letters, reaching every county in Georgia
  • 232 investigations
  • 17,960 pro bono hours
  • 3,219 requests for legal assistance over the past year
  • Our work is accomplished with the help of:
    • 62 law clerks from our nation's top law schools
    • 86 cooperating attorneys from local, national, and international law firms, our national office and partner organizations
    • 41 volunteers, interns, and pro bono paralegals
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In Re Feldhaus

In 2016, Rowan Feldhaus, a transgender student at Augusta University, was denied a petition for a legal name change by a trial court in Columbia County.  The same court later denied a name change petition from another transgender man, Andrew Baumert. 

January 20, 2017

Smith v. Wal-Mart

Smith, a Wal-Mart critic, created t-shirts and mugs with the word “Walocaust” on them. Wal-Mart asked Smith to cease creating these items and argued that it was a violation of its trademark right.

May 31, 2016 Free Speech

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