The right to vote is one of the most sacred civil liberties we have as citizens. We believe voting should be easy for every citizen and that each vote should count the same. We seek to ensure that the new maps ensure that all voters of color have the same opportunities as white voters to elect their candidates of choice regardless of where they live in the state and regardless of who they vote for.

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The ACLU of Georgia's Redistricting Federal Lawsuit

In December 2021, the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of Georgia, and international law firm WilmerHale, challenged the new Georgia redistricting maps on behalf of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the Sixth District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and several Georgia voters.

Black Georgians drove our state's significant population growth, but the state Legislature failed to draw district lines that would allow these voters to elect their preferred leaders.

We learned earlier this week that the court will allow the maps to remain in effect for the 2022 election cycle, although they likely violate the Voting Rights Act.

We will continue to fight these maps and protect the sacred and fundamental right to vote.

Read an FAQ about Redistricting.

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More About Redistricting

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Gerrymandering to the Supreme Court

Every 10 years, congressional district maps are redrawn based on the new census data on the population. This process, known as redistricting, is taking place across the country right now. This episode of LET’S CONNECT draws a line from the beginnings of redistricting in this country, following different attempts by Congress and the courts to regulate the process, and connects this history to how Supreme Court decisions have and are having an effect on redistricting today.

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