The letter states that EagleAI may, in some cases, violate the National Voter Registration Act, data privacy laws, and antidiscrimination law, to name a few issues.

We’ve joined voting rights advocates in signing onto a Brennan Center For Justice letter urging Columbia County’s elections board to avoid contracting with EagleAI NETwork.

“Programs like EagleAI use incomplete data to purge eligible voters who have done nothing wrong and ultimately prevent people from voting. In addition to accuracy and privacy concerns, these proposals take advantage of taxpayers and create a burden on election administrators. The State already has methods in place to keep our voter rolls up to date, and the use of taxpayer funds to create additional, non-credible checks by counties is unnecessary and cumbersome. We oppose individual counties entering into contracts with private companies aimed at limiting voter access," said ACLU of Georgia Voting Rights Staff Attorney Caitlin May.

Read the full letter here.