I grew up in a family dedicated to civil rights and civil liberties for all of us. I believe in the ideals instilled in me by my parents and persist in ensuring a more just, democratic existence for your children and mine.

As we end the year, I have been reflecting on our 60-year history. In 1963, dreaming of an America true to its creed that all people are created equal, a small group formed the ACLU of Georgia to protect our voting rights during difficult times. Through the years, there have been successes, some losses, and always, challenges ahead:

  • The court has ruled in favor of our lawsuit challenging district maps that are meant to disenfranchise black voters.
  • All voting is local and relies on our volunteers, who help build more transparent, effective, and responsive election offices, and our poll workers, who make voting days accessible for all. We envision our volunteers being active in counties across the state.
  • Our work to safeguard First Amendment Rights has become more urgent as free speech and the right to protest are attacked and privacy is under threat in the digital world.
  • Our five-year campaign goes forward to restore and protect abortion rights and reproductive health as we take the next step in the courts.

When we stand up for speech, protest, privacy, reproductive rights, criminal legal reform, or racial justice, we are standing up for you and your family and the generations that will follow.

I hope you know how much we need you in our fight for democracy. You are our partners in this work and we don't succeed without you. Today, I ask for your support for the year ahead.

For justice and for the generations who follow us – thank you!