Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato [email protected]

ATLANTA – The ACLU of Georgia responds to the Georgia Secretary of State’s audit of absentee ballots cast in the November General Election. According to the press release issued by the SOS, the audit found “no fraudulent absentee ballots with a 99% confidence threshold."

This audit was a response to claims that voter fraud occurred in Georgia’s General Election. In every instance, the operation of the election was determined by the Secretary of State to be fair and accurate. The ACLU of Georgia continues to protect Georgians’ right to vote, whether cast by mail, early, or in-person on Election Day.

“Georgia’s civic culture is strong and vibrant. After three recounts and an audit there can be no doubt that election officials and the ordinary citizens who work the polls and counted (and re-counted) 5 million votes were diligent and handled their responsibility with care and seriousness," said Andrea Young, ACLU of Georgia Executive Director. “Georgia’s election system works and vote by mail is a vital part of that system embraced by 1.3 million of our citizens. Vote by mail works in Georgia and access to mail in voting must be protected for all eligible voters."

Click here to read ACLU of Georgia Executive Director Andrea Young’s full response.